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The The World is shifting very rapidly, what was once the norm is now the pastime. You are going through light-years of evolution. This is now the time for releasing.

This is the time to step into the playing fields of Life! This is when we are called to be the highest beacon of light that we can be.

This is when we are challenged with our karma in order to clear the slate. This no longer will the the ‘Reality’ in which we live. In the New Age, we no longer will live to clear Karma or play out Karmic games. We will live to bring Light and Harmony for ourselves and all beings around us. This is truly the Age of Aquarius that we all have been waiting for.

This is the age of questions answered, why are we here? Where am I to be? Who am I? What is my purpose? Those who chose this grand path will be rewarded immensely in the riches of life. There will be a coming home of connection to the Divine. There will be a coming home of Soul in Essence.

What can we do to facilitate this age? What can we do to facilitate our welcoming into the divine that is our birthright? We can make a start by utilizing our minds to Question, ‘What am I here for?’ Then we can work together to find a solution for the Earth’s woes and soon we will find ourselves in a beautiful age of oneness.

This is a time to look inward and see what you have feared to see in yourself. What you have seen in others but never acknowledged in yourself. Look into yourself, see the radiant light that you are, whether or not you feel the light within, imagine it is so, imagine that you are that Divine Light. For it is true, you are the radiant light of the Divine in a physical body. You are already healed and you are already home. You are perfect.

This is what you can begin by acknowledging as you are challenged by your karma. You will sense the opening of doors that have not been opened before you. You will sense an ease and grace in all that you do. You will sense a lifting of the heaviness of this life. There is not better time than now, for now is all there is to begin to unfold your Divine perfection. Begin Now.

This is the time to clear out the old outworn ways of being; this is the time to forgive yourself and others for mistakes in this life and other lives. This is the time for moving into a space of inner peace and unconditional love for yourself and others. This is the time to forge forward into the beautiful radiant being that you are. This is the time!

Begin your unfolding now; begin with letting go of all the pain of your travels from life to life. It is all for the higher learning of the soul and all you need are the lessons. You don’t need to carry any more than you already have been carrying. Lighten your load; carry only the Joy, Love and Light from all your experiences, as they will carry you.

Where there is strife in the world, there is discord. This is the mind playing out its own movie of it’s separation from the Divine.

This is the Earth theatre and it can play any show you want. All the movies are here. Do you wish to play the harmonious film? Then just intend and ask with your thoughts and actions that it be so, and it is.

Then let it be so, that Humans treat each other and the planet in a way that is graceful, that we each share and help guide each other to a higher place of Love, and then we will indeed be living a life of Harmony, Joy and Love for many eons to come.



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