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Throughout 16 years of experience working with Vortex Healing techniques, Donna has mastered the use of many of the highest level tools and she customizes each healing session to fit your needs by focusing specifically on what you want to work on.

One of the tools is DIVINE DOORS. Divine Doors are very powerful and can clear up the deeply seated conditioning that causes physical ailments and disease. Divine Doors are also effective at healing emotional issues or trauma.

What makes them so powerful is their ability to clear out the conditioning that is imprinted in the vital web of your energetic system.

DIVINE DOORS open divine consciousness gateways to release energetic blocks that hold you back from your true potential. They are sourced from divine energy and the result is not only relaxation and harmonization but also revitalization and evolution to help you awaken to your true nature.


During a healing session Donna also runs divine energy consciousness to create a bridge to the Universal Assemblage Point [UAP]. This healing pathway creates new reality streams for you by altering the manifestation of what ails you: emotional issues, disease, or mind fixations. This modality is a completely new paradigm in the healing arts which produces powerful results.

DIVINE DOORS and UAP healings help to shift your life so that more beneficial possibilities come into manifestation such as improved health, prosperity in business, better relationships and the harmonizing of your home.

[Divine Doors can also be used for pujas and can be placed in your home.]

Private Sessions - Summer DISCOUNT!!

Each session is tailored to the individual's needs to promote lasting well-being. The modalities I use are VortexHealing, Theta-Healing and Divine Mother to clear whatever issues are at hand whether they be physical or emotional. Sometimes one session is enough, however, some physical issues may take a few sessions to clear them up.

A 60-minute healing is $85-$120 (sliding scale), and a 90-minute session is $120-$180. Or you can pre-pay for a discounted package of three hours for $255-$300.

If you want to pay with credit card - please send us an email and you will be sent an electronic invoice to pay from.


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