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Keeping Divine Connections
Are your mobile devices sabotaging you?
How to counteract everyday electronic interference.

You may wonder what electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) have to do with spirituality... well, everything!  We have very subtle energy bodies and too many EMFs from cordless or mobile phones, wireless connections (Wi-Fi) and other common electronic devices can block our power to 'tune in' and interfere with our ability to tap inner guidance and reach divine energy.

Cordless phones

What most cordless phone users don't know is that these phones Cordless phone(also known as digitally-enhanced cordless telecommunications or DECT) broadcast interference 24/7 in our homes regardless of if we ever make a call. The moment that we plug in cordless phones, the EMFs are  emitted.

Radio frequency detectors enable people to hear for themselves what cordless phones, mobile phones and Wi-Fi are doing in their homes. When people listen to the electromagnetic noise, they begin to wonder how they can cut down on the EMF pollution!

Click on the links below to hear what common EMFs sound like:

DECT cordless phones
Mobile phones
3G emanations

Luckily, harmful subtle
Cellphone and Brainfrequencies can be changed. I have researched and experimented (with a little help from my friends) with various means to help mitigate EMF's produced by cordless and wireless devices.

Here are some solutions:
Om Symbol
1) Special Ohm symbol (shown left), taped on phones or even electric sockets, help transmute energies. Click here so you can print this energy clearing Ohm out on a letter-sized sheet or blank page label paper and make stickers. The link is at the bottom of the web page.

2) EarthCalm products also help to  mitigate EMFs by creating an opposite-wave, or energetic white-noise, neutralizing the EMF radiation. The Omega Wi-Fi and Quantum Cell products both work great! Along with a group, I did a Kinesiology test for effect on the immune system and it passed.  Also the Scaler-Pendant grounding for electric works really well too. My favorite EarthCalm items are available for sale on my products page.

EarthCalm products have a 90 day guarantee or your money-back.

3) RF protector cloth You can wrap up your mobile devices or make a pouch! The heavier the fabric, the lower the EMFs. The thinner cloth allows some radiation which is necessary for device functionality.

4) Air tubes You can also buy stereo air tubes for cordless and mobile phones. Safe & Smart® air tubes have a good quality microphone and they help keep radiation from your brain as there is no wire from the mic to the head --  just a
stereo air tube.

5) Turn It Off  Unplug and power-down your devices at night, that way your body gets it's its much needed, EMF-free rest.

Live Blood and Electrosmog

Here is a report from Dr. Magda Havas, B.Sc. Ph.D.
Environmental & Resource Studies, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, K9J 7B8

The video clip on this has very good information on the dangers of cell phones, and the problems of political apathy towards this research...a must see.

"I made a short (2-1/2 minute) video for YouTube on what I found when I looked at my blood under a microscope before and after using a computer and a mobile phone.  My blood returned to "normal" after 10 minutes away from a computer.  Live blood analysis may be a useful diagnostic for testing people who are electrically sensitive." Dr. Havas

Please share this video with others who may be interested in EHS and Electrosmog.

Donna Joyce is a VortexHealer, Theta-Healer and Divine Healing practitioner a well as Angel Workshop Facilitator. Donna works with Divine Mother and the Angelic Realm.

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