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Journey Out West What is Guidance?
A day in the Mountains with the Angels
The Power of PrayerElect a New Life!
Open Your Clown Chakra
Divine Love

Journey Out West

After a powerful Manifest an Incredible Life workshop in Vancouver I was guided to visit the Native American site Capilano Suspension Bridge. Funny that I heard from the angels when we arrived at this park, ‘This is on the house’, not knowing what they meant. My friend who drove there with me, tried to pay for parking and the ticket machine churned out a ticket to park and returned his $3. Once inside, the rain turned to sunshine the entire day.

Beautiful Totem poles graced the park entrance. The native Indians still practice their trade here at the park. Their cultural heritage is threatened in many areas in Canada as well as in the United States. There was certainly a positive energy encompassing these surroundings. The famous suspension bridge crosses over the Capilano Canyon with the gushing river below. When you cross the bridge to the other side of the Canyon you find wooden pathways through the Douglas Fir (which come close to the height of the Redwoods, up to 300 feet) The trees were kind enough to host ‘Tree Houses’ they were wood plank ‘stations’ where people could stand, 20 feet up the trunk of the tree. The trees were connected by mini suspension bridges. This enabled people to walk tree-to-tree, part way up the tree. It enables people to be closer to the treetops. The tree spirits seemed fine with this and were enjoying allowing people a closer look and respect for them.

After a wonderful few days in Vancouver British Columbia, surrounded by the mountains and vast waterways, I flew back to San Francisco; the peaks of the great mountains such as Mt. Rainier, Mt. Shasta were in view for most of the flight. What majesty. Most of these great mountains are powerful vortexes for the planet.


Journey Out West, Part II

I've just returned from Vancouver, BC after a magical trip through the Western US and Canada where I conducted Angel Retreats and Earth Healings. I was first guided to Colorado to do healings for the Earth and visit such wonderful places as Garden of the Gods (where the 'Rocks truly are alive', and have a great sense of humor as well). They put on such wonderful display of balancing acts, one rock called 'hanging rock' was clearly defying gravity.

Next on the journey was Sedona, Arizona (the land of Vortexes) and powerful they were. I was guided up the mountain on my arrival into Sedona, even though I protested it was raining and there was nothing to see in this weather, I was told to 'wait 5 minutes, and take your camera, you won't be disapointed'. Within five minutes the clouds parted and allowed the sun to light up the entire Sedona valley, then in a matter of seconds two beautiful rainbows formed stretching over the entire valley!

Everywhere I was guided to go, no matter what the weather (even if it was gray and raining), the skies would always be clear over whatever trail I took and the valley would illuminate in time when I got to any view point. This is something that we can all look forward to, working with the weather. Our thoughts are creating much quicker these days and peaceful loving thoughts create peaceful weather.

My favorite sign from the angels is the 'eyes in the sky' (see the picture up top) as the clouds and blue sky look like two eyes looking down on you. This usually appeared every time I was guided to do earth healings, their humorous way of showing they were eyeing me. What is your sign? Do you ask for one? Remember, ask and you shall receive. It could be to find a white feather, recieve the right phone calls, find a penny, any sign the angels know you look for, they typically will try and send your way.

Sedona has many vortexes and they are magnifiers for whatever energy you are putting out. If you come with positive thoughts and intentions, they manifest very rapidly! If you are on a negative streak you may not want to bring that energy into a vortex, lest you create more of it. If you always intend the highest possible outcome, you will always magnitize the best circumstances and energies your way. The Earth is adding more vortexes around the world and soon many people will live in communities around these vortexes, able to create the world they want easily and effortlessly.

Next up on the journey I was guided to San Francisco and the Redwood Forests. Every day along the coast I saw the most amazing sunsets. The Redwoods are magnificent beings, for the most part protected by the National Park Service. Their numbers, however, have dwindled over the years as logging has taken place in the areas outside the National Park. Redwoods are the tallest trees on earth and can live up to 2,000 years old. They are in place to protect the coast of the US from inclement weather patterns. Without their assistance, weather patterns will run awry. Many people are very short sighted with the environment. As we witnessed the devastation in Haiti in recent months. The storms created mudslides and floods, the result of cutting down the trees on the island.

I was next guided to take the Amtrak train from San Francisco to Seattle. I had no idea how beautiful the journey would be. I Actually wondered why I was guided on a 22-hour train ride, believing the divine was just testing my patience. Well that was proved untrue as sunrise came and we circled Archangel Gabriel's Etheric Retreat of Mount Shasta. For over an hour the train went around the lovely snow- covered mountain, bathed in the radiant pink light of sunrise. Mount Shasta is a powerful vortex which the divine uses to bring in the higher energies to the planet.

The 22 hours flew by, with very interesting passengers, who were on the train to admire the stunning mountain passes and lush valleys along the route. Needless to say after the elections most of the environmentally aware people were very concerned about the state of affairs in the United States.

I spent a powerful week in Washington state and Vancouver conducting workshops and Earth Healings. The mountain ranges in Washington and British Columbia contain the most beautiful energies. The Olympic peninsula is particularly special for its rain forest. Top

What is Guidance?

Working with the angels will help you learn to connect with your own inner
guidance and Angelic team. Once you strengthen your own intuitive senses,
you can let the divine wisdom from within guide you. Every day a lesson in
faith, a new step, and it all comes together and makes sense in the end.
This journey has been such an exercise for me. I was guided to 5 states in
the western US and Canada. With the exception of the workshop schedule,
I wasn't given much more instruction than that.

Each day I would tune in to the schedule of the day. Each day was more
magical than the day before.

As an example of following intuitive guidance, when I finished hiking up
Cathedral Mountain trail in Sedona, Arizona. I wanted to do a world
meditation at the mountaintop but for some reason I wasn't impelled to do
it as it was starting to get late. When I hiked back down, the guidance was
to get in the car and I would be guided to the appropriate place for the
meditation. I started to drive and would be nudged to make a left or a
right, not knowing where I was going. I ended up on a road going up a
red rock mountain, and noticed an A frame church on it. I asked if that's
where I was headed to, and was given a yes. As I walked up to the spiritual
church, I noticed it had the most beautiful overlook of Sedona. I had
apparently arrived, in perfect time for their once a week service, which
only takes place on Mondays at 5pm! The service was beautiful candlelit
world prayer with singing. It was exactly what I was looking to do at the
mountaintop! The lesson is we are very limited in the body, and limitless
in spirit. Allow your spirit to come through and guide you to have a
magical life.



A Day in the Angelic Mountains

I had many more examples of divine order and divine grace during my week with the Angels in Banff National Park in Canada.

One day I was guided by the angels to walk up to the top of Sentinel Pass above Moraine Lake. It is a steep climb straight up the mountain. On this day there was a ‘ six hikers rule’(six hikers must hike together as grizzly bears have never in history attacked a group of five or more people) This came into effect because Grizzly Bear ‘72’ as they call her, was spotted near the trails the night before. She is one of the many grizzlies who live in or near the valley.

Now Bear ‘72’ has two cubs and calls the park her own. She has been known to stomp around and show her strength to clear all humans out of ‘her’ park (which is at least 20 square miles). I felt it would be great to leave Bear ‘72’ in peace to enjoy her home, but for some reason I am guided by the Angels to hike up the mountain on this day.

I seem to have trouble finding a group of six to hike with since this spotting has scared all the hikers off. I’ve already ‘tuned’ into the Bear ‘72’ and she was not particularly in the area today, and anyway the angels were looking after her wherever she was.

After waiting by the trailhead for a few minutes, I was just about to give up and tell the angels they must have made a mistake, if it was in divine order I go up this mountain, surely a group of six people would have manifest by now. ‘I will just go sit by the lakeside all day and meditate’.

Well it was not to be, as within a minute of my heading back toward the lake, a Swiss family consisting of 5 people show up at the trailhead, trailing behind them, a couple from Minnesota. This Swiss family must be used to hiking the Alps daily, after they said to me ‘come along now’, they went at a marathon pace straight up the mountain.

I could barely keep up, and the couple tagging along were also huffing and puffing. We thought ‘we will just have to be a group of three if these people continue to race up this mountain.’ The Swiss family didn’t stop to admire the view on the way up, only every once in a while to see if they could spot a mini avalanche on a nearby glacier when it crevassed. It was only on these short reprieves that the couple and I could catch our breaths.

I thought the angels must be having a laugh now, not only am I headed up to the pass like I was instructed, but at record speed as well. I had a few jokes with them, as ‘would they like to try out having a body on this uphill, as they have it so easy.’

Well we did make up to the top of the Sentinel Pass in record time. The views of the Ten Peaks were stunning. The weather which had looked threatening on the way up was now beautiful and sunny. I did a meditation at the top, and received the angelic energies that were being channeled. It was interesting to be surrounded in a group of people and try to blend in, while channeling energies at the same time. It made for a social day.

The Swiss family with the couple in tow disappeared over the top of the Pass to continue hiking back another route. ‘Uh-Oh’ I thought ‘there goes my group of six’, as I was guided to go back the way I came. Well, ‘here comes the American family of five from Colorado’, at the top of the Pass ready to head down the way we came. It looks like divine order prevails again.

All in all a day which started out to threaten rain and grizzly bears turned into a beautiful day. How many days do you know like this? Where things start out questionable or too daunting to start? Then divine grace flows in and it turns into the best thing you ever did.

How wonderful life would be if we always ‘let go’ and let the divine handle situations... The divine can shift any situation instantly, even situations we find impossible to shift.

So let go……..and enjoy!


Prayers & Seven ways to Stay Calm & Relaxed


Our thoughts, intentions and prayers are becoming more powerful every day. Not sure of a good prayer for yourself or the planet? Try one of these.

Not sure of a good prayer?

Invoke in any Divine Beings. Mother Father God, Saints, Archangels (Michael, Gabriel,Raphael, Chamuel, Zadkiel, Uriel, Ariel, Metatron, Sandalphon) The 12 mightly Elohim, Angels of Peace,

You can ask that ‘Divine Will be Done’ ask for ‘Divine Grace’

Give thanks for the highest possible outcome for the highest good of all.

A powerful Sanskrit prayer for peace is:

Loca, Samesta, Sukinu Bhavantu (repeated 3x)

Ohm Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

This means

‘May all beings everywhere be happy,

May there be peace, peace, peace’

There is a divine energy in the Sanskrit words.

Here are Seven basic helpful tips to stay calm in the center of any 'storm'.

1)Drink lots of water when we are stressed we lose a lot more water and it's hard to make clear decisions. Water with lemon is very cleansing for the body which helps alkalize as well which will help keep stress at bay. Vitamin B also reduces stress.

2) Deep Breathing This is very relaxing. Breathe in deeply through your nose to your lower lungs. Hold for 5 seconds. Breathe out twice as slow as your in breathe.

3) Stretching It is very beneficial to take up some form of daily stretching like Yoga or Pilates as it helps you to relax. Stretch the legs and arms gently in the mornings and evenings.

Here are a few sample exercises


a)Raise arms and link hands above your head turning linked palms upwards toward ceiling, Gently stretch up as you breath in, on the out breath lower arms and relax.

b)Place hands on your hips,as you breathe in, gently arch backwards to stretch abdomen for a few seconds.... then slowly lean forwards....


Allow your arms to drop down and relax as they reach toward your toes. This is a wonderful stretch for the back

4)Meditation This is your time to relax go within. You can sit straight up or lie down for this exercise. Close your eyes and follow your breath as it goes into your lungs. Listen to the sound. Feel the breath. This is very relaxing. If your mind wanders, repeat a phrase for a few minutes, such as 'I am becoming more and more relaxed with each breath.'


6) Creative Visualization Invoke the Angels of Love and Peace to surround you. Imagine yourself surrounded in a beautiful bubble of pink light. Breath in this pink light with each breath, allowing it to relax and heal you.

This is a good time to use positive intention for any thing you are wishing to manifest in your life. Invoke the angels of a particular situation or quality and see, and feel like it is done! Such as invoking the 'Angels of Peace', 'Angels of Prosperity', 'Angels of Healing', 'Angels of Joy' etc. Gratitude is very powerful for relaxation and manifestation.

7) Grounding Do you ever feel not quite here after waking up? Or feel spacey during the day? You may need to be grounded. A wonderful technique is to hold your left toes with your right hand and say 'I call my soul back into my body.' Sometimes we 'journey' in our sleep and aren't fully back in the 'here and now'. This is a great technique to do anytime you don't feel fully clear. Top



Opening Your 'Clown' Chakra

I cannot think of anything better to compliment love than laughter. Many people take for granted that humor is a Divine gift. Laughter breaks down barriers to love and is a powerful connector and healer - and speaking of laughter, the master of Divine Laughter, spiritual comedian Steve Bhaerman known as 'Swami Beyondananda' recently visited us in South Florida. Life is too serious, so seriously folks, we need more humor to make it through the grand 'Earth shift'. Swami suggests that we open our 'clown' chakra in order to allow the Divine to seep through. He reccommends a daily laugh track of ho-ho's, ha- ha's and hee-hee's starting at the root chakra all the way up to the clown chakra. This helps with any 'jestive' issues or 'irony' deficiencies we may encounter dealing with our karma. Swami teaches that 'according to FUNdamenalist scriptures on the eight day God saw the world as funny and created laughter' and gave us the material world so we would have 'material'.

Here is a question and answer session with the 'Swami' out of his book 'Duck Soup For The Soul'

Dear Swami: I have heard many so-called 'New Age' gurus insinuate that we are all manifestations of God. All of my prior religious training teaches that we human beings are sinners who can only be save by God's grace. I just don't see how we imperfect humans can all of a sudden claim to be expressing God? This idea of human divinity is sacrilegious. -Misty Mark Charolotte, North Carolina

Dear Misty, You have reasoned yourself into what is known in theology as a "cul de sacrilege'. And this is understandable because in spiritual matter, linear reasoning always ends up at a dead end. But if we try circular logic for a change, and view life as a wheel, with God as the hub and each of us as a spoke, it is easy to see how we are spokespersons for the Divine. - Swami Beyondananda
'May the Farce be with you' -Swami Beyondanda

Divine Love


Mata Amritanandamayi Devi
"The Hugging Saint"

"Whoever comes to the river of Love will be bathed in it, whether the person is healthy or diseased, a man or a woman, wealthy or poor. Anyone can take any number of dips into the river of Love. Whether someone bathes in it or not, the river of Love does not care. If somebody criticizes or abuses the river of Love, it takes no notice. It simply flows."

"The common expression is 'I love you.' But instead of 'I love you,' it would be better to say, 'I am love - I am the embodiment of pure love.' Remove the I and you, and you will find that there is only love. It is as if love is imprisoned between the I and you. Remove the I and you, for they are unreal; they are self-imposed walls that don't exist. The gulf between I and you is the ego. When the ego is removed the distance disappears and the I and you also disappear. They merge to become one- and that is love. You lend the I and you their reality. Withdraw your support and they will disappear. Then you will realize, not that 'I love you,' but that 'I am that all-embracing love.'" More about Amma

Saint Master Kirpal Singh (1894-1974)

"God is love and love is God. The way back to God is also through love. You should always remember this divine principle: that love begets love."

"To fill the human heart with compassion, mercy and universal love, which should radiate to all countries, nations and peoples of the world. To make a true religion of the heart as the ruling factor in one's life. To enable each one to love God, love all, serve all, and have respect for all, as God is immanent in all forms. My goal is that of oneness. I spread the message of oneness in life and living. This is the way to peace on earth. This is the mission of my life, and I pray that it may be fulfilled." More about Saint Kirpal Singh

Mother Meera

"The consciousness of mankind is being prepared for great leaps and discoveries in a gentle way wherever possible.... God is giving man a great chance. Many divine persons are here. We are showing man a way out; we are offering him the divine Light, the divine Knowledge. We are bringing down into the consciousness of the Earth the divine Consciousness. Now man must choose. Man is free; God will not force his children to do anything. He wants their free love. Mercy and love are always there."
More about Mother Meera



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