Space Clearing




Energetic Space Clearing uses the Angelic Realm and VortexHealing® to clear out energetic imbalances from your home and creates a positively radiant space that can be customized for your intent.

The energy of your surroundings affect you on many levels. The thoughts and feelings of former owners of your home, and your own experience in the space affect your personal environment on a deep level. Earth energies and the impact of technology can also be invisible influences. Discover how to locate and clear energetic imbalances in your surroundings, and create a space that nourishes and supports you fully. Everything that ever happens in a space is imprinted in the walls and furniture and then influences those who live or work there ever after.

Space Clearing can be combined with Transformational Healing sessions to create the highest possible resonance for yourself and your home! Feng Shui is the art of working with energy, and Space Clearing takes you right to the core of it. It offers a deeper, far more spiritual approach to Feng Shui and is an essential tool for anyone seeking to improve the quality of their life. Energetic Space Clearing can improve your health, relationships, prosperity, and any aspects of your life that feel stuck.

Space Clearings can Improve:

• Any aspects of your life that feel stuck
• Prosperity
• Health
• Relationships

Clear Your Space of EMF's:

We find that this symbol transmutes bad EMF's not completely but enough. Print them out and put them around your work area and home. You can also put them on stickers. Click here to DOWNLOAD the images (pdf),




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